See what people are saying about Crystal Victoria…

“I truly thank God for you !! Your insight and great listening ears has truly been a blessing more than I can count !! I remember when I first contacted you being in a place of stuck !! I did not know which way to go or to turn !! The past 4 weeks that you have been working with me has been a true BREAKTHROUGH that I have longed prayed for !! I can’t thank you enough Crystal !! You truly have helped me feel that life is worth living and with a purpose I have been trying to so desperately birth for long !! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !! Most important I THANK GOD FOR YOU !! Highly recommend your service to anyone that is searching or needing clarity of their destiny !!”                       – Emma Wasfi, Adelaide, Australia

Thanks again, Crystal! You have done more than you know to help my daughters and me reach a higher level of communication and understanding of one another. Keep up the good works!    -Donna H.

“I finally finished reading your latest book.  “The Vicious Cycle”.  It was great and inspiring to me.  I hope to pass it on to someone else that can benefit from your advice.  Keep working hard, I know that you will succeed at all your endeavors.  Love and Best Wishes!” -Ronda Minor, Dallas, Texas

“Dear all: I’ve just read a short book by Chrystal Victoria called The Vicious Cycle. It’s a book that deals with the mindset that keeps people in the revolving door of jail and prison. She was there. She writes plainly, decently, about the traps that keep people from getting out of that cycle. She suggests ways to avoid those traps. As someone who has written thousand of articles on the war on drugs from every perspective, the one angle that was the most disheartening was how to keep people from redoing what they did to get them into the system in the first place–even when they knew the next offense was going to bring serious time. Chrystal Victoria tackles that issue in The Vicious Cycle. The book is not expensive. The ideas are priceless. What about buying a copy and then, after you read it, buying 10 copies to donate to your local jail library if they have one, or your local library. This is a serious issue that doesn’t need to be tackled by intellectuals. It’s best tackled by people who have been there, done that and found an escape route. Victoria has done that. Buy the book, pass the word, have compassion. Thanks.” -Peter Gorman, Dallas, Texas

“I have never seen a diamond in the rough shine so brilliantly until I had the opportunity to actually see and interview Ms. Crystal Victoria on my radio show. Dreams Can Become Realities”. She has proven to the world that being self-empowered can actually happen and bring on a very positive change in each individual.  Ms. Victoria is one, who is dedicated to helping others find their own pathways of success.   I applaud her for her totally awesome acts of kindness and  ‘GOOD WORKS”. -GigiGiwiz Productions LLC, New York

“It was a pleasure meeting you at Black Expo, you are a true ”’success story”, loved your book . Look forward to us doing some great things together for the students. See you as one of the speakers at my women’s Expo November 2013″ -J. Gaines, Dallas, Texas

“It was great hearing you talk about overcoming obstacles to your success on wpfw FM. Thanks so much for sharing your story and words of wisdom!” -Dr. Nicole Cutts, Washington, DC

“You’re really inspiring and I think you should go to  high schools  All across  the nation  and give a speech and tell your story” – Victoria Gill, Dallas, Texas

“Hey Crystal, love the book. Hopefully the younger generation learns from what went on with you” – Paul Corey, Plano, Texas

“Love the website and the book is great! Keep going! Never give up!”- Rafael Cameron, Dallas, Texas

“WOW!!!! powerful person!!!  I really enjoyed talking to you today. can’t wait to see your future! Thanks so much for the inspiration!” -Mark Frisbee, Tennessee

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